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Dr. Nishi, CEO 

Dr. Nishi,  completed her Ph.D. from CSIR-CDRI on therapeutic repurposing in visceral leishmaniasis. Further she accepted a post-doctoral fellowship at Hanyang University, Republic of Korea in Neuroinflammation. She is recipient of several Fellowships like Research Internship and Senior Research Fellowship, from CSIR New Delhi, India. She has 24 International Publications and 2 patents and also awarded by Prof. B. N. Mirza Award in 2012 by Indian Society of Parasitology for Research Contribution. Currently Dr. Nishi is CEO of Adhita Biosciences Private Limited (ABPL) which is founded by a team of researchers and business professionals who have several year of research and business experience in biotechnology, cosmeceuticals cosmetics and pharmaceutical research.

Dr. O.P. Singh, Scientist

Dr. Singh, has completed his BAMS (Ayurveda), from Govt. ayurvedic college, patna, India. He has 27 years of medical practice and vast experience in treating skin  and gastric diseases. Dr. Singh is involved in various projects of ABPL, and actively involved in development of ayurveda based cosmetics and skin bioactive products.

Dr. Preeti, Scientist 

Dr. Preeti received her PhD in Biological Sciences, from Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, New Delhi, in May 2016. Dr. Preeti has published 16 research papers and recipient of 3 Indian patents. She has 6 years of experience in research related to Drug Discovery for Leishmanisis . She was also awarded as Senior Research Fellowship in April,2012. She is also in the field of Drug Discovery and Development in Visceral leishmaniasis. Dr. Preeti is actively involved in lead discovery projects at ABPL.

Dr. Madhusudan, Scientist

Dr. Madhusudan is PhD, in Industrial Biotechnology, and published sevral research articles in relavent field. Currently, he is prursuing in microbial biotechnlogy reaserch activities at ABPL. his major role is to produce and identify the microbiologically modified bioactive compounds from plant and therof.  

Er. Ankita, Manager

Mr. Rajendra, Manager

Er. Tushar, PR Manager 

Er. Priya, Manager QA/QC

Er. Gaurav, Manager Marketing

Er. Namrata, JTO



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